Lee Zimmerman
Cellist and Vocalist - Cello Music from the Heart


Lee Zimmerman - Cellist and Vocalist

Lee Zimmerman is a Cellist and Vocalist- one of the new cello innovators- weaving cello and voice in a broad musical fabric embracing music from the middle ages to seventeenth century courtly dance to the pulse of modern urban cityscapes. Influenced by american pop music, swing, jazz, classical and world music- He brings a singular approach to cello and song to the streets, taverns, living rooms, ceremonial and concert spaces around the world. He is a songwriter and has created music for movement, theater, performance art, dance, yoga and poetry. His music is both lyrical, percussive and haunting.




Weddings, Ceremonies - Teaching- Performance Art- Yoga and Tai Chi- Entertainment - Dance - House concerts- House parties- Backup Cello and Voice, etc.

"Zimmerman proves on the CD to be not just a decent cellist, but an incredibly inventive and and technically impressive master of the instrument.. He draws from a diverse palette of playing techniques to create a rich and colorful sonic landscape... thrums and thwacks, plucks with both hands, and overdubs loops of his own playing. ...sounds at times like an entire string quartet, and at other times like a four handed acoustic guitarist."
-Joe Nickell of the Missoulian "

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